UbiCarâ„¢ shows you the following information about your driving habits:

The top of the dashboard shows your overall score computed over the last two weeks of driving. Tapping on the score shows information about how your score was calculated. The rest of the dashboard has four panels: the latest scored trip, your achievements, your rank on the leaderboard, and how well you have done in avoiding phone distraction.

Shows a list of all your trips. Each trip is scored on a scale from 1 to 5.

1 = Poor
5 = Excellent

Selecting a particular trip takes you to a map view of the trip and summarises important events and score for the trip. Only the most significant events from a drive are shown on the map.

The map also shows any excessive speeding and significant phone distraction.

The app also classifies your trip as "Driver" or "Not driving" (passenger or another mode of transport). If the automatic classification is incorrect, you can change it by selecting the icon located next to the mode classified by the app. By keeping your transport modes accurate, the app learns your driving habits and classifies future trips more accurately.

Driving tips
The app shows personalised tips to improve your driving; these tips depend on the factors that are most responsible for lowering your score.

Drive well and accumulate badges for achieving safety milestones!

Win bragging rights over your friends and leaderboard competitors!

Change your email or add avatar.

Want to use only Wi-Fi to upload sensor data for a trip? Or get notified when results are available?

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