UbiCarâ„¢ collects and analyzes driving data and displays an overall driving score assessed by combining hard braking, hard acceleration, hard cornering, speeding, and phone use.

UbiCarâ„¢ calculates your score (out of 100) over the last two weeks of drives based on:

Driving "smoothness": hard braking, acceleration intensity, and hard cornering.

These factors are correlated with accidents.


Respecting the speed limit decreases the risk of an accident, helps improve road safety, and improves your score. Depending on program requirements, custom parameters can be set to allow for a small margin over the legal speed limit without compromising safety.

Phone use while driving:

UbiCar measures phone distraction on a trip. Drivers who use their phone while driving are 8x more likely to get into an accident because they are distracted and cannot react in time.

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