The UbiCar App tracks your driving (think braking, cornering, phone distraction, acceleration and speeding) and uses that information to calculate your premium. If you’re a good driver, you’ll be sent a quote—the better driver you are, the better your premium will be.

The UbiCar App also makes accessing and using your car insurance easy. If you receive a quote, you can customize and purchase your policy right in the App. You can access your insurance documents, view your claims and pair your UbiCar Tag when you receive it.

With UbiCar Insurance you pay your premiums by the month and we use the data we receive from the UbiCar App and UbiCar Tag to adjust your monthly premium based on how you drive. If driving performance improves over time, you may pay less! If it gets worse, you may need to pay more.  Don’t worry, we will send you a message each month to tell you what your instalment premium will be.

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